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Multishot Systems

MGS - An Industry Leader

in multiple material equipment solutions. Multishot (multiple material) manufacturing is recognized as a cost-effective method to increase part value, performance and aesthetics. MGS provides what no other supplier can - a complete and vertically integrated solution, including:

  • Engineering & Design
  • Prototype-Pilot-Production Tooling Systems
  • Sampling & Process Development
  • Specialty Equipment

Multishot Tooling

MGS multishot tooling systems have been successfully running production around the world for over two and a half decades. MGS design engineers and toolmakers have long term development experience in virtually every multishot build technique:

  • Rotary Stack Systems

    for increased cavitation and productivity – using two or four mold faces

  • Rotary Spindle Systems

    for reduced cycle times and increased cavitation

  • Rotary Platen

    for part geometry using common core design

  • Indexing / Rotary Stripper Plate

    for part geometry requiring core and cavity steel change to facilitate in-mold-assembly

  • Core Toggle / Core Pull

    Each injection unit injects sequentially (not simultaneously), so cycle time of each shot is additive.

    Used when cavity detail remains the same and the second shot is formed by the retraction of the insert(s).

  • Robotic Transfer

    for production and prototyping

Multishot Molding

  • Reduce & Possibly Eliminate Downstream Events/Secondary Operations & Assemblies
  • decrease need for outsourcing
  • decrease associated labor cost
  • Lower Cycle Times (vs. transfer overmolding)
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Increase Productivity / Volumes
  • Enhance Product Value

Visit to learn about the Universal Multishot™ Systems line of ancillary equipment which includes portable injection units, rotary platens, custom molding equipment and more.


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