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New customers are encouraged to include a Confidentiality Agreement or Non Disclosure Agreement.

Supplier Inquiries

MGS Mfg. Group is partnered with many outstanding suppliers we rely on to meet the needs of our customers. If you are interested in becoming a supplier to MGS, please email us with a brief introduction of your company’s services and why you feel your company would be a good supplier for MGS. The information will be forwarded to appropriate team leaders for evaluation.

Request for Quote

include the following information

  • all RFQs, Please include:

    • Name
    • Title
    • Company
    • Street address
    • City / State / Zip code
    • Email
    • Phone
  • Tooling RFQs, please include:

    • Part(s) 3D database, in native file format
    • Part drawing with specifications / tolerances
    • Project/part name(s)
    • # of cavities
    • Press specifications as they relate to mold size
    • Will a hot runner be required? If so, which manufacturer is preferred?
    • Material / resin selection
  • Molding (piece part) RFQs, please include:

    • Project/part name(s)
    • Part(s) 3D database, in native file format
    • Projected annual volume
    • # of cavities
    • Note any secondary / value-added operations
    • Note if cleanroom environment is required
    • Packaging requirements
  • UMS RFQs, please include:

    • Press information (brand, size, model)
    • Mold size (for Rotary Platen)
    • Shot size / weight and number of cavities (for Portable Injection Unit)include runner weight if not using a hot system
    • Specify hydraulic or servo preference
    • Specify mounting preference (for Portable Injection Unit) – direct to mold, vertically mounted to press platen or horizontally mounted
  • Automation Systems RFQs, please include:

    • Part(s) 3D database, in native file format – individual components and assembly
    • Complete list of components (plastic and non-plastic) used in final assembly
    • Any validation requirements
    • Any space constraint information


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